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A new smart blockchain based payment solution for managing digital assets & fiat currencies

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About Us

PayFbit is committed to provide a Safe, Secure & Smart payment ecosystem for enabling users to realize benefits of cryptocurrencies in their day to day lives. Great revolution happened in the digital world with Block-chain technology & cryptocurrencies. In this promising scenario of global block-chain technology, our innovative team is helping to bridge the gap between crypto & fiat payment ecosystem by enabling people through our unique wallet management system which will open new avenues & help to explore the potential of future generation digital currency market & the power of this revolutionary digital world.

Our Mission and Vision

To empower the users with an intuitive & user friendly crypto wallet that provides sophisticated & unparallel experience while spending crypto assets in different forms & avenues. Our main focus point is to help crypto currencies to go fast in mainstream & enable potential users to understand various advantages of making transactions using blockchain technology by using our unique crypto wallet platform for their day to day utilities with ease on their finger tips using mobile devices & others.


  • Building a Safe, Secure, smart & reliable wallet
  • Bringing Block chain based exchange with High Security
  • Covering widest range of crypto currencies
  • Enable Derivative trading in Top crypto currencies

PayFbit Wallet

It is a powerful & unique wallet platform which allows users to hold, send-receive, Convert and spend digital assets securely with ease on finger tips with complete control of their assets knowing they are protected. It is finely designed keeping end users comfort & control for making day to day transactions with flexibility. The users will enjoy using features of this unique payment ecosystem & make their life easier.

  • High Security

  • Low Transaction Fees

  • Low Turnaround time

  • Very High Flexibility

  • Real time ATM interconnectivity for fiat withdrawals.

  • Spent Crypto assets for online Shopping

  • Pay utility bills

  • Request payment from other PayFbit Wallet Users through the app or QR code

  • Crypto to Crypto Transfers

  • Fiat to Crypto Transfers & Vise Versa (* in Countries as per Govt regulations)


  • Free to download and use - Revenue collected through small transaction fees

  • Will work with an external laser scanner

  • Customers will be able to purchase through stores that use our platform with cash or other forms of traditional payments upon checkout. A KYC verified PayFbit Wallet account is required for customer to obtain cryptocurrency purchase

  • All Receipt on Email

  • Complete Transaction management with history

PayFbit Exchange

The PayFbit Exchange is real-time exchange designed to execute highly secure transactions that allows customers to trade cryptocurrencies with ease & confidence. Our goal is to connect the world by making it easy to exchange one cryptocurrency for another in timely manner. The exchange will be integrated with PayFbit wallet & open to other Altcoin listings to bring larger volumes of asset trading to our platform.

Distribution Of Tokens

Statistic Information

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  • Development Team
  • Co-Founders, Managing Partners
  • ICO Advisors
  • Miscellaneous
  • Legal Advisor
  • ICO/Public Sale
  • Private Sale

PayFbit Roadmap

The PayFbit platform is an established business with a ready platform. To expand our operations and decentralize our business model through blockchain we have devised a solid plan and an ambitious roadmap, with an expert team, and we are positioned to expand globally. Our ability to rapidly deploy a solution once the technology has been developed makes our financial goal more achievable.

  • 2018

    1. Innovative mindset Co-founders decided to develop & launch their own crypto payment solution.

    2. Finalized concept based on market analyses.

    1. Registration of Company (May’18).

    1. Concept framework planning started.Consultation with experts.

    2. Team hiring.

    1. PayFbit Crypto Exchange feature design & planning started.

    2. PayFbit Crypto Wallet feature design & planning Started.

  • 2019

    1. Team on boarding in progress.

    2. ICO Framework planning started

    3. PayFbit Smart card planning started

    4. Crypto Exchange MVP framework completed

    1. Crypto Wallet MVP framework completed

    2. Legal readiness of developed framework started.

    3. ICO framework completed

    1. ICO Website development started.

    2. Wallet Multi integration tie-up structure planning started.

    3. Payment system interconnectivity planning started.

    1. ICO Website development completed.

    2. White paper development started.

    3. ICO wallet integration completed.

    4. Legal readiness completed.

    4. Airdrop & Referral program developed on ICO portal.

  • 2020

    1. White Paper development completed.

    2. Public announcement by Press Release.

    3. Airdrop Campaign launched.

    4. Legal readiness completed.

    5. Airdrop & Referral program developed on ICO portal.

    1. Development of Smart contract completed.

    2. Smart contract auditing completed.

    3. Private sale closure (May’2020).

    4. Crowd sale started on ERC-20 platform (June’2020).
    Round 1 June’2020 – July’2020.
    Round 2 Aug’2020 – Sep’2020.

    Round 3 Oct’2020 – Nov’2020.

    1. Crowd sale closure on ERC-20 (Nov’2020).

    2. Token listing on public exchanges (Dec’2020).

  • 2021

    1. Crypto internal exchange mainframe development started.

    2. Exchange ecosystem readiness and hosting completed.

    3. User acceptance testing for crypto exchange completed.

    4. Beta Version Crypto internal Exchange launched

    5. Internal exchange with complete features launched for users.

    1. P 2 P exchange development started.

    2. P 2 P exchange hosting readiness completed.

    3. User acceptance testing started for P 2 P exchange.

    4. Beta Version for P 2 P exchange launched.

    1. PayFbit Smart Card development started.

    2. Payment gateway integration started.

    3. Crypto Web wallet platform development started.

    4. Crypto Wallet mobile application started for Android & iOS platform.

    5. Multi-currency readiness for crypto wallet started.

    6. ATM withdrawal feature development started.

    1. Fiat currency handling solution readiness.

    2. Crypto wallet features testing started .

    3. Merchant handling module (online shopping & utility) development started.

    4. Crypto wallet integration with Banking gateways.

  • 2022

    1. Multi -Currency, Fiat handling solution completed.

    2. Payment gateway integration, ATM withdrawal & Merchant integration module completed.

    1. Beta Version of Crypto wallet launched.

    2. Crypto wallet platform global launched with all features & mobile application

Key Members

Kamal Wadhwa


He is a Smart Innovator & Strategist having Corporate experience of around 14 years in different reputed multinational companies. He has in-depth understanding of Investments, Portfolio Management and Derivatives Trading for Equity in NSE and cryptocurrencies.

Imran Rahman


Technology Lead, Software Architect, Full Stack Engineer, Blockchain Evangelist, and Ethereum Smart Contract Developer with over 12 years of experience in software development and front-end technologies. Main Architect, and engineer of many complex enterprise-grade web applications.


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